The X-FACTOR: The Spiritual secrets behind successful executives & entrepreneurs

What if presence, connection, and love were the hallmarks of the very best corporate leaders? What if trust, courage, and joy were cultivated throughout the workplace? What if your work was the playground for spiritual growth and personal expansion?

With trust in corporate leadership at an all-time low, we are in the midst of a great spiritual awakening, and corporate executives and entrepreneurs who can tap into their spiritual nature will thrive. 


17 Stories of spiritual triumph!


In The X-Factor: The Spiritual Secrets Behind Successful Executives & Entrepreneurs, you will meet leaders from around the globe who have awakened to their spiritual nature and made it foundational to their leadership practices. Through big breakdowns and instant revelations alike, the authors share what it means to lead one’s self first in order to inspire others to do the same.

This book helps leaders realign, improve, and flourish by showing them how to cultivate one’s spiritual nature, the eternal source of love and connection that enables one to be innovative, solve problems, think expansively, and succeed.

Immerse yourself in the stories and wisdom of these authors, and you’ll learn how to:


Be decisive through uncertainty and chaos


Lead your teams to greater performance and deeper engagement


Own your true gifts and rekindle your passion for leadership and service


Create sustainable success in all of your professional and personal endeavors


This Book Will Change the Face of Leadership

Spanning ages, gender, experience, geography- this book shows how similar we are as humans at the core. An Incredibly well timed release- this is the kind of book the works needs right now! Truly made me explore my why in so much of what I do!



This is a must-read for business leaders right now. I loved diving into each author’s story and emerging with a new perspective on how to connect and lead. This book shifted my perspective and gave me permission to slow down and listen to my heart to achieve big results.


A very relevant book for the current time

This book gives us permission to finally use the words spiritual and business in the same sentence. An inspiring read from very different author backgrounds issued at the right time. The mix of storytelling and business applications is especially helpful.


A Must Read!

This book is a game changer for the business world and executives leading it. Highly recommend.

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