Not only are you successful, but you’re also super smart.

I know you can figure this out on your own.

The thing is, I’ve found that it helps to have an objective third party.

Someone who’s been on a similar journey, someone to help you sort out your thoughts, and give you different tools to see yourself and your situation and how you might be limiting yourself unknowingly.

I’d love to be that someone for you.


Here is how I can help, if you are interested in corporate coaching click the button below.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is an individual experience and your needs are unique. 

While I tailor my processes to fit those needs, there are some baseline tools and processes that I use to set the stage for your successful quest.


Values Review

Values change and evolve over time. When is the last time you sat down and really thought about what matters most, talked it through with someone to make sure that you were clear on what is really important to you? This is a foundational first step in my process.

Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment

I use the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment to build your individualized coaching program. The ELI is a proven one-of-a-kind evaluation that enables people to hold up mirrors to their own perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. It is NOT a personality assessment. By observing and measuring your energy level based on your attitudes and perceptions, I can coach you to make a sustainable shift in your consciousness, increasing both your energy and your leadership effectiveness.

Building a Leadership Toolbox

Connecting with your inner wisdom or the ‘divine within’ is a key part of your effective transformation. It’s the building block for attaining and maintaining your integrity, freedom, and joy. We’ll work together to find the most effective paths, practices, and tools to lead you there AND keep you there.

Following the Voice

Together we’ll sort out what voices you are hearing and following. Is it the voice of the divine within or the expectations of someone else in your life? What is it that will allow you to walk and act with integrity? What will bring you the freedom and joy that you desire? Where is your inner wisdom leading you?


Taking Action

Finally, we’ll develop an action plan for you to follow the voice and implement the changes in your life… without turning it upside down. I’m a big fan of the expression “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.” You’ll determine what to keep in your life, what to release, and what you want to add or change. This is the time for creativity and fun, the time for exploring all the possibilities that your life has to offer. This is where we find the “more”.


Life is nothing if not a continuous journey of change. What is in today’s agenda may not always serve tomorrow’s plans. That is why I am here to guide you every step of the way. If you run into a bump in the road, either during or after the 6-month process, I’ll be there to guide you through it with my spot coaching sessions.

*Energy Leadership™ is a trademark of iPEC (The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).

The Foundations Package:

A 6-Month customized program that lays the groundwork for liberating you from the confines of social and/or corporate boxes and guides you to a life of integrity, freedom and joy!


  • One Energy Leadership Index Assessment and a 90-minute debrief session
  • Two one-on-one coaching sessions per month (60-minutes each)
  • A personalized Leadership Toolkit that is aligned with you and your goals and values
  • Text and email support between sessions 

Optional add-on: The Energy Leadership Index Assessment can also be used in 360 format. See if your Energy Leadership self-assessment matches the assessment of your team and colleagues.

Spot Coaching:

Single one-on-one sessions; no commitment.

Ideal for:

  • Quick assessments
  • People looking for a sounding board to bounce ideas off
  • Guidance to go deeper into 1 specific area
  • Free spirits who struggle with long-term commitment

* Spot sessions are subject to availability.


Corporate Group Coaching

Values-Based Decision-Making Workshop:

1-2 hours of group guidance packed with powerful tools to help your team start making better decisions both in and out of the office.


  • Learning to assess and balance personal and career goals
  • Both right and left-brain focused tools so that participants get a complete picture of their situation, options, and possibilities.
  • Interactive sessions that allow for questions regarding how to apply acquired tools to their personal situations.
  • Free copies of the learned tools so you can continue committing them to practice.

* This workshop is offered in both spiritual and secular options to avoid violating corporate policies and offending personal values.