Meet Karen
By: Karen Ann Bulluck

More to My Story

I figured you might be wondering about why I left a great corporate job and the reasons that job was “leaving other parts of me unsatisfied”. That’s kind of a dramatic statement, isn’t it?

First, I honestly never thought that I would even have a corporate career. Yes, my parents (particularly my father) wanted me to get a business degree so that I had a practical career option at the end of college, but the thought of working in a company never interested me. That’s why I was an English major, because people and language and stories about our world really do interest me.

So how did I end up in corporate? Well, I did have to make a living after college, and I really didn’t want to go back home and live with my parents. So, I took a job in retail management so that I could support myself while I figured out what I really wanted to do. I had been raised in a very traditional household, and I think everyone’s expectation, including mine, was that I would work for a few years and then be a housewife and stay-at-home mom. Hah! (Not that there is anything wrong with that. I admire men and women who stay at home with their kids. It’s a tough job. But it became clear pretty quickly that was not a good option for me.)

My first job at AM Best was as a trainer, teaching people how to use the company’s new software products. I was fascinated enough by computers (I had taken a couple of programming classes in college), and I had a long history of being a teacher… well, as long a history as you can have in your mid-twenties. And it was a fun job. I loved it.

I got hooked. I was stimulated intellectually by the corporate environment. I was learning and having fun, and I was succeeding. My self-confidence grew, and I could suddenly see myself climbing that corporate ladder. I started doing that. Not in a conventional way, my corporate journey took me to several different parts of the company, and I learned many different disciplines, but I kept moving around and at the same time moving up. It was exhilarating.


Until it wasn’t. Or not as much. I started to feel that no matter how I was succeeding something was missing. In the meantime, I was taking a similar journey of exploration and adventure in my personal life. I had several different hobbies, including flying airplanes, scuba diving and skiing. (I still do the latter.) I also experimented and explored my spirituality and beliefs. I’m still doing that too.

My spiritual path, which I’ll cover in another article, has also been a bit unconventional and zig-zaggy. But that’s one of the places I turned when I really started to ask “why” questions about my life and my career. I went through a long period of review, analysis and discovery. I saw many places where the divine was working in my life, leading, pushing, prodding me. Sometimes more effectively than others. I can be awfully stubborn. Just ask my husband.

It seems clearer now, but at times, I felt like I was just looking at the path before me obscured by fog. I could see maybe one step in front of me, but that was it. One step that I did see was that I wanted to change the way I was approaching work. I wanted to be more authentic and aligned to my divine nature there.

So, I started experimenting. Doing a short meditation before important meetings. Carrying crystals or other talismans in my pockets to remind me of who I am. Appealing to my higher self (and the higher self of others) when there were important decisions to make. Practicing sacred listening. Providing a Happiness Journal for my staff.

Work started to make more sense, go more smoothly. I started feeling better about myself there.

Then, I started my journey to become an Interfaith minister. I learned more spiritual techniques and practices. I was reunited with my inner teacher. I was motivated to study more and share more. Suddenly, what I was doing at work for myself wasn’t enough.

I wanted to keep studying, keep learning, keep reading, keep experimenting, and share. I wanted to help other people reconcile their spiritual life, yearnings and desires with their day-to-day lives like I was doing, especially at work.

I wanted to help people realize that you don’t have to give up everything you’ve worked so hard for in exchange for integrity, freedom and joy.

I got really excited about that idea… really excited. Suddenly, staying at my job seemed impossible.

The outcome of my excitement, and my desire to share this adventure into the divine with others, is this website. I wanted to create a sacred space where we could explore ideas about spirit, the divine, God… and how they fit with out lives. How the divine moves in our lives, challenges us and calms us. There’s no orthodoxy here. No judgment. No right or wrong. Just curiosity and adventure… and an attempt to reconcile the beauty of the divine with our real and honest earth-bound needs.

I’m so glad that you’ve joined my adventure. I’d love to hear your story too. Drop me a email… or set up and appointment to chat.