Can she succeed and still maintain her integrity?

Her workplace is changing. The pressure is building and building. Things are happening that make Sheryl question her authority, leadership and integrity. Is success worth it? Is there anyway that she can make things better for herself and her co-workers?

an inspirational novel

“You should be hiding. Everyone in management should be hiding. How could you do this? You ought to be ashamed!”

“Keisha,” Sheryl started.

“Don’t Keisha me,” the younger woman interrupted. “I don’t want to hear what you have to say right now. There’s NOTHING you can say that would make any difference whatsoever. I have never been as insulted, degraded, or upset as I am at this very moment. And that’s sayin’ a lot. I’m outta here. Leaving. Done. Finished. No amount of money is worth what you’ve put me and all the rest of your staff through today. None. I’m not going to tolerate being treated with such disrespect, nor should anyone else here.”

Sheryl Simmons is well on her way up the corporate ladder. She’s smart and likable, and she’s climbing with integrity. But new investors are determined to increase company profits, provoking a seemingly drastic change in company’s culture, and Sheryl finds herself at a crossroads.

Can she keep her career and her peace of mind or will corporate success mean compromising her values?

Her search for answers will take her on a journey to the heart of who she is. She’ll be challenged to dig deep into her beliefs and summon the courage to honor both herself and the people around her.

The whole situation was rocking Sheryl, and yes, she was afraid of what she might be “asked” to do. It was easier just to continue to do her job and go along with the management philosophy at the company. To try to change that could jeopardize her career. Did she really want to do that?

What readers are saying


Career Success or Ethics and Integrity?

This novel, so close to reality, explores what bringing your whole, authentic, spiritual self into the workplace means, which is much easier said than done. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down!  This is a MUST READ!


A DELIGHTFUL and captivating book!

Wonderful book!  I loved all the dilemmas and considering what to do right along with the main character, Sheryl.  The themes (grief, power, humanity) are powerful and moving.   A fast paced book that keeps you wondering right to the very end.


It was a joy to read!

Karen Ann Bulluck’s very fine novel peels open the curtain that surrounds the corporate world: its stress, its in-fighting, its toll on personal lives — and its joys and satisfactions.


Very talented writer adept at getting inside her character’s heads.

Having been frog-marched out of a job (a minor job!), I can attest to its being highly traumatic. The author describes it very well.

About the author.

I’ve had a life-long dream of writing a book. Doesn’t every English major? Reading is my favorite past-time. I can lose myself in books faster than anyone I know. Just ask my husband. So, why not write a book of my own?  

This book surprised me. I didn’t expect it to be a novel. It started out as non-fiction. But that still, small voice inside me insisted that I tell a story, this story. The characters and situations aren’t real, and yet they reflect a reality that we all experience in one form or another. The ultimate dilemma of life: do we succeed by following the rules or can we find a way to express our authentic, spiritual self and still find success? 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I’d love to hear your feedback. Have you had any similar experiences? Do Sheryl’s choices intrigue or inspire you? Would you have made different ones?

Karen Ann Bulluck