About Karen Ann Bulluck

Hello Courageous One!

Welcome to my divine playground. I am so very glad you are here.

My deepest hope is that my sacred space becomes your sacred space; that it be a safe forum to explore, connect, share, and yes, play.

Because I’ve learned that play is essential to expand beyond the limits of what’s yours or mine and divinity is found within every single encounter and experience. (Even in the corporate boardroom!)

I promise that you don’t have to give up everything you’ve worked so hard for in order to experience freedom and joy.

You just have to open your mind and your heart.


The Hard Facts

Earning an English degree from the University of Virginia, I took a lot of business classes to appease my parent’s desire for me to be practical.

After a few years in retail management, I landed at an important financial services firm as a trainer. I loved it and was promoted into management. I loved that too. I started climbing the ladder, although the ladder looked more like a jungle gym with lots of twists and turns. I took on projects and responsibilities in departments like Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Operations, and Communications. With relatively little background or experience in some areas, I quickly guided them to success.

Along the way, I earned a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership from Regis University, with a capstone in Ethical Decision-making, and received my Professional Coach certification from iPEC.

I also earned myself a job as the first female Executive Vice President of one of the firm’s business units while also sitting on the board of directors.

The Heart Facts

As much as I enjoyed my job, I realized that, while the corporate world fed my exploratory nature and intellect, it left other parts of me unsatisfied.

So, I began venturing down unexplored paths.

My coach training helped my corporate career, but it also opened me up to new possibilities. With the help of my own coach, I awakened to the divine in ways that I had never expected, leading my explorations in a new direction. I began listening to that tiny voice of the divine, but still, I wasn’t ready to make a major change. I had a family to consider: my wonderful and supportive husband and two young adult stepsons.

After several years, I found that to really align with my spirit and feed my soul, I needed to leave the corporate world to do what I have always longed to do: write, teach and help people find their way out of their boxes and onto a path of integrity, freedom and joy.

The Fun Facts

I’ve been:

  • An aerobatic pilot.
  • A scuba diver.
  • A country-western dancer.

I am currently:

  • Honing my Reiki Level 1 skills
  • Writing a sequel to my novel: Ascending Ladders
  • Curious about how spirit moves in the world

My guilty pleasures include:

  • A nice glass of red wine
  • A long hike in nature.
  • Spoiling my two already very spoiled cats.

I would love to hear about your journey.

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