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I’ve had a life-long dream of writing a book. Doesn’t every English major?

Ascending Ladders started out as non-fiction. But that still, small voice inside me insisted that I tell a story, a story that would be relatable, interesting, and fun to read. The characters and situations aren’t real, and yet they reflect a reality that we all experience in one form or another. The ultimate dilemma of life: do we succeed by following the rules or can we find a way to express our authentic, spiritual self and still find success?

Then, I had the opportunity to write a chapter in Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most.

I saw the posts on LinkedIn and Facebook from my friends Amy and Sasha who had contributed to an earlier multi-author book: Leading Through the Pandemic. One of the posts mentioned Significant Women and the opportunity to apply to write a chapter. I’m still not sure exactly why it appealed to me, but it intrigued me. It felt like my Higher Self was opening the door. “Here, let’s go here,” she said.

The inspiration for my chapter came from both the conversation with my friend that I quote at the beginning of the chapter and a somewhat sad encounter with a coaching client who wouldn’t allow herself to be adaptable. When I thought about it, there were others in my life who wanted a straight and predictable path, one that didn’t allow time for detours.

So, The Beauty of Detours emerged, a bridge between my old life, the life I was living, and the new chapter that is stretching out before me now.

Plus, there’s so much wisdom in all the other stories in the book. One of the women commented that it was a book she would have loved to have read when she was younger. I agree!

I hope you enjoy reading both of these books, and I’d love to hear your feedback. Have you had any similar experiences? Do you agree with Sheryl’s choices? Which of the stories in Significant Women resonated most?

Karen Ann Bulluck

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