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A place for successful people to explore what’s missing and discover how to live with integrity, freedom and joy.


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Sign up for my FREE 21 days of Freedom Challenge.

You’ve been following all the rules.

Grow up, check, get an education, check, get a real job -a good job- check, don’t rock the boat, O.K. rock it a little, but not too much, get a promotion, more responsibility, more influence, keep climbing that ladder…check, check, check.

You’ve spent years working hard to figure it all out.

And you should be happy. You ought to be satisfied.

But all you really feel is a rumbling in your gut trying to tell you something is missing.

I’m talking about something bigger, something deeper, something more inspiring.

And underneath the shouting of all the shoulds and ought tos, you hear a quiet voice within.

The voice that whispers: “Joy doesn’t come from ticking boxes. There’s more for you than that.”

While you’re intrigued, you’re also a bit afraid.
Still, you long to listen and follow that voice.

That still small voice within.

The voice that leads you to the bridge between the boxes and ladders of your life to a path where you can explore all that’s possible, where you can find integrity, freedom and joy that you’ve been missing.

I’ve already been there and I’d love to help guide the way.

Hi, I’m Karen Ann Bulluck and I believe that happiness and joy are two very different concepts.

Happiness is fleeting and tied to the ever-changing circumstances of life. 

Joy, on the other hand, is born of freedom. Freedom to be authentic, to live and act in accordance to your personal values and spiritual beliefs, without the weight of conforming to the expectations of everyone around you. 

What you are seeking is FREEDOM and JOY. 

You are on a quest for something lasting, a connection to something bigger, more meaningful, more fulfilling. 

You long to cut the ropes of conformity, tear down the boxes, and expand into the exploration of all life’s possibilities.

And that is EXACTLY what I have found.

Do you need a companion on your journey?

Options for Adventure


I work with smart and successful people who are looking to reclaim their joy and freedom, people who want to change the culture, buck the stereotypes, and bring more humanity into their workplace, people who value new tools, support and companionship along the way.


This is my playground. It’s where I go to think out-loud, where I expand and explore all things leadership, human, and divine, and where I connect with you personally. Meet me by the swings, and I’ll fill your heart with stories and your head with ideas that challenge and inspire.


So many books, so little time! Life is busy and you don’t always have time to read every single revelatory recommendation. Check out my bookshelf for inspiring life lessons from some of my favorite authors.

When you are fully aligned with your spirit, with the deep wisdom of your personal values, you know JOY.

-Karen Ann Bulluck

Are you ready to:


Open the door to new perspectives


Connect to the wise voice of your Higher Self


Walk your path with confidence and integrity


Follow your instincts, even when they step outside the box of ‘norm’


Take uninhibited action to change the game


Tap into what makes your heart sing and not what makes your head hurt


Appreciate every aspect of life as an invitation to go deeper into the heart

She did an outstanding job helping me to reflect on my career, past and present and help guide my decisions for the future.

“Karen was very positive and energetic and provided a good framework for our conversations.

She was very attentive, responsive and structured in her approach to our conversations. In addition, she had me do an exercise helping to identify what the ideal situation would be and to make a decision that benefitted me and my career.

I would highly recommend Karen as a Coach and look forward to an opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

– Barbara – Sr. Project Manager

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Karen’s expertise and coaching led to break through thinking, allowing me to create situations and solutions that had a strong, positive impact on my organization.

Using her tools and techniques, I could much more objectively understand people and situations and alleviate the inner conflict that was in the way of getting to winning ideas and approaches.  Karen’s refreshing style will assist you in tackling your most difficult situations and landing on outcomes that pull everyone upward and inspire and motivate.

Tamara – Bio-Tech IT Executive

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“In looking for a coach, I asked myself, “Who could help me be the CEO of my life?”  

Karen immediately came to mind. I started a business that felt overwhelming and I needed to step into the mindset of being the CEO of my own business.  

Karen was a perfect fit!  She encouraged me and helped me feel empowered to make change.

Karen has an great sense of what is needed, I was able to shift my mindset from the very first session and take action.  She is a wonderful coach!”

 – Heather, Meditation Instructor ✹ Mindfulness-based Life Coach

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